Tellason Raw Denim Chore Coat

Tellason Stock Made in USA Mens 14 oz Cone Mills White Oak Raw Denim Coverall Jacket Chore Coat

Introducing the Tellason Stock Coverall Jacket: a testament to the enduring spirit of American workwear. Inspired by the classic Chore Coat, this jacket is made with the highest-quality materials and construction, ensuring it is tough, fashionable, and built to last.

Made in San Francisco, the home of blue jean culture, this jacket is cut and sewn with 100% American-made materials, including legendary Cone Mills denim. The 14 oz raw denim is non-selvedge and sanforized to prevent shrinkage, giving you a custom fit that will mold to your body over time.

Featuring utility pockets and a right side interior pocket, as well as an extra rivet to fortify the newspaper pocket stress point, this jacket is designed with functionality in mind. But it’s not just practical – it’s also stylish, with a classic American Chore Coat look that is sure to turn heads.

Why choose raw denim? By starting with raw denim, you get the benefit of a custom fit and the opportunity to create your own real-life wear patterns. Pre-washed denim has already been stressed by chemicals, hot water, and commercial dryers, leaving it lifeless before you even have the chance to wear it. With the Tellason Stock Coverall Jacket, you can trust that you’re getting the highest-quality denim jacket available anywhere, period.

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